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Our firm furnishes reliable guidance to our clients regarding tax laws and regulations on local, state, and federal levels. We offer informed tax strategies based on experience together with our extensive resources and capabilities to research and analyze the tax advantages and disadvantages of a current or proposed business structure.

We offer sound advice on the tax compliance ramifications for corporations, S-corporations, LLCs and sole proprietorships as well as year-end financial strategies.

We provide advice to our clients on how they are affected by the continuing changes in the multitude of federal, state and local taxation statutes and opportunities that may occur.

Further, should such a need arise, we offer tax dispute resolution services by providing comprehensive tax examination support.

We also can deliver one-on-one personalized guidance for our clients to help build and preserve personal wealth and to meet individual goals. These services include the development of strategies that contemplate long- and short-term tax, retirement and estate planning based on each client’s needs and circumstances.

We will work with each client to assemble the pieces of a personal financial puzzle into a clear roadmap and assist with defining achievable goals.

While dealing primarily with numbers, rules, regulations, and the organization of ideas and processes, we never forget that behind all our services is a drive for growth and success as well as the hopes and dreams of each of our clients.

Services Include

Tax Services – Preparation of individual, trust, and business income tax returns and projections, correspondence with various governmental agencies regarding returns and estimated income tax payments; guidance on structuring tax-motivated transactions; analysis of transactions for income tax risk; and estate planning advice on wills, life insurance, gifts and business transition.

Tax Representation – Income, estate, sales, gift and other tax audits; IRS and governmental tax agency collection issues.

Transactional Consultation – Analysis of the ramifications of various types of transactions including buying, selling and merging businesses; the receipt of compensation, including stock options; the purchasing of investments; and out-of-state income and sales tax issues.

Corporate Consultation – Assistance with registering or terminating activity in a particular state; managing out-of-state or multi-jurisdictional tax matters.

Estate/Gift Planning – Assisting clients in deciding where their assets will go and how the transfers will take place. Helping clients determine the most cost-effective method of relocating assets.

Succession Planning – Assistance with developing a practical plan to smoothly transfer control of businesses and setting a process of succession into action.

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